We produce countertops of quartz. Quartz slabs are ideal material for kitchen and bathroom countertops. We import quartz slabs of Technistone and Silestone manufacturer. Quartz has high resistance to mechanical and chemical damage, hygienic, easy maintenance and a wide range of colors, inspired by nature. It is very suitable material for kitchen countertops.

Quartz slabs thickness can be 1,2 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm.

Also, we produce items of Laminam stone. Laminam stone is very thin. Also, this Laminam slabs have less weight than natural stone. Laminam is material for tables to kitchen and bathroom worktops. Laminam thickness is 1,2 cm.

Technistone Pearl Delta quartz

Technistone Pearl Lava quartz

Technistone Noble Pietra Grey quartz

Technistone Noble Desiree Grey quartz

Technistone Noble Concrete Grey quartz

Technistone Poetic Black quartz

Noble Athos Brown Technistone quartz

Calacatta Amnis Technistone quartz

Noble Imperial Grey Technistone quartz

Noble Arco White Technistone quartz

Technistone Briliant Black quartz

Noble Areti Bianco Technistone quartz

Noble Supreme White Technistone quartz

Noble Carrara Technistone quartz

Noble Pro Storm Technistone quartz

Noble Perlato Luna Technistone quartz

Noble Linea Technistone quartz

Noble Pro Cloud Technistone quartz

Calacatta Gold Silestone quartz

Laminam Ossido Bruno

Carrara White quartz

White Quartz

Imperial Black laminam

Napoleon Brown quartz

Calce Nero laminam

Blanco quartz

Marron Torba quartz

Antracit laminam