Bright marble floor

Object – house in Palanga, 80 sq.m.

Design – Rasa Kaunė (Puki puki interjeras)

Floor – Rainforest Green marble

Bathroom decor – Daino Imperiale Nuvolato marble

An interior with an exceptionally high number of bright details.

This interior is charming and impressive because it is dominated by bold decisions. The floor effect is like walking in the mossy Amazon forests. The choosed marble is a bright green stone carpet – Rainforest Green.

Usually, interior floor is used calmer texture and colors materials and then combine furniture and interior items. But not in this interior. This creative designer is not afraid to choose bright colors for the floor covering and other interior details.

Light cream color Italian marble was chosen for the bathroom. The same marble was used for the floor and wall covering, the bathroom decoration and the sink countertop. This creates integrity and completeness of the interior.   This interior creates a mood, and the functionally planned and arranged interior solutions make it possible to live comfortably in this small space.