About us

Dekoratyvinis Graikiškas akmuo


Stone manufacturing company

UAB Stonu granitas has over 29 years of experience in stone manufacturing area.

We can offer a large selection of granite, marble, onyx and travertine, basalt, sandstone slabs and tiles.  We are manufacturer who specialized in making stone products such as countertops, stairs, fireplaces, windowsills, monuments, building decoration and other products of natural stone. Our company specialized in supplying stone slabs, granite cubes, tiles for different projects. We sell natural stone: granite, marble, travertine, basalt and onyx slabs, tiles, quarzt stone. Doing stone measurement and instaliation works.

The company was established in 1990. Company vision is quality, new manufacturing technologies and good prices.

We provide these services:

  • Stone products manufacturing;
  • Stone products sale;
  • Stone materials suppliers;
  • Design and consultation;
  • Measurement and installation works.

Natural stone – durable, high-quality raw material for interior and exterior accent. UAB Stonų granite offers a large selection of marble, granite, sandstone, travertine and onyx slabs. We have more than 100 shades natural stone collection. We import material directly from suppliers. Many years of experience in stone manufacturing enables a long-term partnership with reliable stone suppliers from all over the world.

Part of our production we export to Europe countries, such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden and others. All sending items packed with wooden crate or pallet, that will be safe to transport.

Thank you for choosing our company and look forward to a successful cooperation!