Marble – metamorphic rock composed of the mineral calcite (CaCO3). Marble had formed at high temperature and pressure.

Marble waterproof, durable. It is soft material, therefore less resistant to mechanical abrasion. Natural marble afraid of acids. Therefore, fruit juice, wine, coffee or alkaline detergent trapped on the marble surface can damage it, so spilled should be immediately removed. Spilled liquid as soon as possible to remove the absorbing cloth (immersion) rather than wiping.

On the marble surface it is advisable to use a tray under the hot dishes or sharp tools. Do not use the usual cleaning agents – choose only special for natural stone. For regular maintenance, use a pH-neutral cleaning agents. This will facilitate the cleaning of stone and make it even more efective. If the product has not been impregnated, should do this, but impregnant does not protect marble from acids. It is forbidden to cut or otherwise mechanically operate the marble surface.

Mostly marble are used for fireplaces, bathroom countertops, floors and walls covering, stairs, windowsills and other decor elements.

Marble surfaces can be polished and antique (leather finish). Marble thickness is 2 cm and 3 cm.