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Natural stone materials are very popular material for interior and exterior covering. The most popular species are – granite, marble, travertine, onyx basalt and sandstone. All these materials are unique and have their own characteristics.

Granite is strong and durable material. Ussualy granite is used for countertops, floor and walls covering, stairs, monuments, windowsills. Also, granite is used for making stone cubes, rubble and gravel. Basalt characteristics are similar to granite. This material usually used for stairs and terraces. Basalt cubes use for yard, garden and squares. At our warehouse we have granite and basalt slabs, tiles, cubes.

Marble, travertine, onyx and sandstone are softer materials than granite or basalt. These materials are very popular for interior. Marble is used for fireplaces, bathroom, wall and floor covering. Also, travertine is used for fireplaces and the interior decor. Travertine has a lot of pores and it look very natural. Because of porosity structure travertine is very popular material for walls and fireplaces. Onyx is luxury stone. The main this stone characteristics is his translucent. Therefore onyx is used for wall decor, bar tops, vases, lamp and other interior decor.

We sell marble, onyx and travertine slabs and tiles, onyx souvenirs and vases.

Sandstone are composed of the general minerals –  quartz and feldspars. Sandstone is very populiar building material and is used around the swiming pools, for facades, flooring. We can offer you sandstone slabs and tiles.

All natural stone materials have a lot of patterns and colors. Our materials gallery will helps to choose the best material for you. If you do not know which material is suitable for you, please feel free to contact us and we will help you!