Natural stone is digging from quarries. Using special techniques, stone blocks are cleaved from the mountains, then cut to slabs of chosen thickness. Usually, granite surface is polished mechanically. Mechanical polishing should pass 5-7 polishing positions. Mechanically polished granite surface becomes shiny, smooth and glossiness stays resistant to any environmental impact in the future.

Marble, travertine, onyx and quartzite processing technology is a bit different. Their processing technology consists of four mechanical polishing positions and risination. Risination is used for these materials because they have big pores and small cracks. This technology is based on pouring high temperature liquid on stone surface and filling small cracks and pores with it (the liquid is not a lacquer, it does not leave any residual). This technology can be used only on soft materials – after the whole process, soft stone becomes smooth and shiny. It is used widely in the stone manufacturing industry, in the whole world. Risination is safe for your health.