UAB Stonu granitas specialized in supplying stone materials from all over the world. Therefore good quality stone materials we can delivery fast for competetive price. We specialized in supplying cubestones for big construction projects. We carry out the individual orders of the private investors. Orders can be delivery to all Lithuania and Europe country.

We can offer different dimension and surface granite, bazalt, gabro and labradorite cubestone:

5x5x5 cm

10x8x5 cm

10x10x5 cm

10x10x10 cm

20x10x3 cm

20x10x5 cm

22x14x6 cm.

Cubestones surface can be natural splited, mechanical cut, flamed, polished and honed.

Granite cubes can be used for gardens, yards, parks, outdoor decorations, landscaping, squares. Granite cubes are easy for installation. Granite is strong and resistant material.

It is much cheaper to buy cubes by tones than square meters. The price starts from 140 Eur for granite cubes tone. 1 tone  5 cm thickness cubes is about 7 sq.m. And 1 tone 10 cm thickness granite cubes is about 4,5 sq.m.

Gabro splited cubes 10x10x10 cm

Red split granite cubes 22-25×12-15×10 cm. Quantity in stock – 25 tones!

Light grey split granite cubes 10x10x5cm

Split granite red cubes 10x10x5 cm

Gabro splited cubes 10x10x5 cm

Red granite split cubes machine cut top – flamed 22x14x6 cm

Red granite splited cubes 10x10x10 cm

Labradorit splited cubes 10x10x5 cm

Grey granite splited cubes 10x10x5 cm

Red granite splited cubes 10x10x5 cm

Red granite splited cubes 5x5x5 cm

Labradorit splited cubes 5x5x5 cm

G 654 mechanical cut granite cubes 10x10x5 cm

Raudonos labradorito akmens apipjautos trinkelės 20x10x3 (5) cm EN

Red granite mechanical cut cubes 20x10x3 (20x10x5) cm

G 603 kerbs 100x30x12 cm