We can offer natural stones tiles. In our warehouse we have different dimension and colour granite, marble, basalt, travertine, sandstone and other stone tiles.

Marble, travertine and sandstone tiles usually used for the interior. Especially, marble tiles is popular for the bathroom.  Marble wall covering tiles and marble floor covering tiles are very popular and favorite.

Granite and basalt tiles most use for outside stairs, terraces, commercial rooms, also for kitchen.

The most popular tiles dimensions are:

30 x 30 cm;

40 x 40 cm;

60 x 30 cm;

60 x 40 cm;

60 x 60 cm;

60 x 90 cm.

If you need not standart dimension, we can cut it from slabs.

Also, we have granite decor tiles and slate mosaic with grid. Slate mosaic with grid is easy for installation. This slate mosaic is use for floor covering and it is very popular for bath or shower floor. Granite decor tiles are use for wall and floor covering, also it is suitable for facades covering.

Natural tiles prices start from 17 Eur/ sq.m.

Black granite tile for mosaic and floor decor


Basalt tiles flamed surface 60x40x2 cm

Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Sparcle White granite tiles 60x40x2 cm

Estremoz Creme marble tiles

Moca Creme marble tiles

Travertine Clasic tiles

Travertine Clasic tiles 60x40x2 cm

Bianca Carrara marble tiles

Daino Imperiale Nuvolato Antica marble tiles

Teak sandstone tiles

Daino Imperiale Venato marble tiles

G 654 granite tiles

Colombo granite tiles

Basalt tiles flamed

G 603 granite tiles

Granit decor tiles. Colours: yellow, red, grey

Natural shale mosaic

Rosa Miele granite tiles

G 682 granite stone facade tiles