Granite – a natural stone, formed in high pressure and temperature. Granite consists of various minerals.

Granite has a solid surface, can be used for interior and exterior. Granite is resistant to abrasion, is not afraid of dirt. Granite products are not afraid of acids and scratches. Granite products should be cleaned with special cleaner. Granite impregnation increases the density of the upper layer and reduces (up to 10 times) the surface absorption, therefore all the granite surface is recommended to impregnate. It is forbidden to cut and draw granite surfaces, as this violates granite polishing and reduce its resistance.

Granite mostly used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors, walls, stairs, windowsills, monuments. Also, it is popular products granite cubes, gravel and rubble.

The surface can be polished, flamed, antique (leather finish). Flamed surface granite most usually used for stairs and terases. This surface is safe and not slipped.

All granite collection you can see at our gallery:

Paradiso granite

Sparcle White granite

Ivory Spice granite

Astoria Cream granite

China Juparana granite

Aurora granite

Ivory Fantazy granite

Black Beauty granite

Via Latte granite

Steel Grey granite

Magma Gold granite

Magma Gold granite

Verde Fantastico quarzite

Kosmus Silver (metallicus) granite

Coffe Imperiale granite

Tropical Storm quarzite

Nero Zimbabwe granite

Himalaya Blue granite

Kuru Grey granite

Indian Blue granite

Viscont White 3 cm granite

Bordeaux granite

Viscont White granite

Cosmic Black granite

Silver Waves granite

Imperial Gold granite

Bach Paradiso granite

Colonial White granite

Black Galaxy granite

Blue Pearl granite

Madura Gold Dark granite

Astoria granite

Natural Green Quarzt

Basalt stone, flamed

Tian Shan Red granite

Miracle White granite

G 037 granite

Coffee Brown granite

Aurora granite

Maple Red granite

Tan Brown granite

Tan Brown flamed granite

Red Multi granite

Raw Silk granite

Premium Black granite

G 654 granite

G 654 flamed granite

Orion granite

New Kashmir White granite

New Imperial Red granite

Madura Gold granite

Labradorit granite

Juparana Egzotika granite

Ivory Brown 2 cm granite

Ivory Brown 3cm granite

G 682 flamed granite

G 623 flamed granite

G 603 granite

G 682 granite

Brown Special granite